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  6. Skid Mounted Systems
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Agitators & Mixers

Metaltek has the capability to Design & execute Agitators & Mixers for a wide variety of applications such as Mixing, Solid Suspension, Blending, Dissolution, Emulsification, Heat Transfer etc.

Agitators, Mixers can be supplied with several types of Impellers to suit customer’s application with optimized power consumption. Metaltek can supply Impellers as Turbine, Anchor, Propeller, Flat Blade and many more.

Agitators, Mixers can be supplied with Indirect (V Belt) Dirve or with Direct (In Line Gear Box) Drives with Standard/ Flame Proof motor.
Power Upto 100 Hp
Shaft Size Upto 150 mm Dia., Length 6 mtr.
Sealing Mechanical Seal / Gland Packing
Impeller Dia. Upto 2000 mm
Material of Construction Austenitic Steel :  SS 304L, SS 316L, Duplex, Super Duplex, 904L
Alloy Steels : Inconel , Cupronickel, Monel , Nickel & Nickel Alloys, Hastelloy, Aluminum & Aluminum alloys.

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Industry Applications

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