seal support systems
(API plan)

Seal Support Systems (API Plan)

Metaltek is the largest manufacturer & exporter of Seal Support Systems in India, manufacturing Systems with Pressure Rating from #300 to #2500. We are supplying systems to all the leading Mechanical Seal & API Pump manufacturers in India.

Seal Support Systems are being exported to Pump manufacturers such as Flowserve Austria, Italy, Holland, DMW Japan, ITT S. Korea & for Refineries in Iraq, Turkmenistan etc. Systems supplied for Cryogenic application (- 29 Deg. cent. Design temp.) with applicable Welding, Material Testing & Inspection norms.


  • PLAN 51, 52, 53A
  • PLAN 53B
  • PLAN 75, 76
  • PLAN 21, 23 (COOLERS)

Metaltek manufactures the Seal Support Systems to

  • ASME Sec. VIII Div.1, Sec. IX, Sec. V – Design, Fabrication, Welding & NDT
  • PED 97/23/EC, GOST & Other International Codes & Standards