pre - engineered
building system

pre - engineered building system

Metaltek is a leader in Design & manufacturing of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings & offers a very wide & customized, Cost effective Solution for Industrial Buildings.

We can offer custom-built solutions to our customers’ specific needs for diverse applications such as Engineering Manufacturing, Foundries, Ship building, Ware housing, Cold storage, Club house & many more.

Why Metaltek Pre-Engineered Buildings:

Metaltek PEBs are the best solution in terms of time & cost saving for all industrial structural requirements.
  • Time : Takes almost 1/3 rd time for completion as against conventional structure, hence early startup & considerably low gestation period.
  • Aesthetical: Clean, superior & pleasing. Very low maintenance required, better working environment, hence better productivity.
  • Un-obstructed Floor Plate: Efficient utilization of space & total freedom to arrange activity as per user requirements.
  • Safety: Designed to international & national codes & standards to withstand earthquakes, cyclones, high velocity winds, extreme Cold & hot weather conditions.
  • Creative Vision: Can be designed in various shapes, sizes & colors as per the user & architects’ Creative Vision.

Primary Elements (MAIN FRAME)

This includes the main Column & Truss frame. The Primary members bear the entire static & dynamic load on which Roofing & Cladding is supported by Secondary members.

The elements are designed to confirm to the applicable national - international codes & standards as per relevant seismic, wind & geographical zones.

Primary Members are manufactured from special High Tensile Steel to optimize the use of steel thereby, optimizing cost. As per the user requirements, Crane support brackets, Gantry Girders, Lean-to sheds, Canopies, etc. are supported from the main frame.

Mezzanine floor structures with decking sheets can be offered to maximize the use of available floor space.

Secondary Elements

These ensure proper fixing & support for Roofing & Cladding sheets. These are Purlins, which are made of Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel (CRC) section of Z, C etc.

Roofing & Cladding

Metaltek offers a wide variety of Roofing & Cladding systems for a longer life, trouble-free & maintenance free solution, in various colors options.

Roofing & Cladding is also offered in Sandwich Panels for temperature controlled buildings such as Engineering Industries, Cold storages etc.
  • Roofing : 0.47 mm TCT Natural/ Color Coated PPGI/ Galvalume sheets of 550 MPa steel
  • Cladding : 0.5 mm TCT Color Coated PPGI / Galvalume sheets of 550 MPa steel
  • Sandwich / Puff Panels : 30 to 50 mm Puff Panels / Thermocole panels which offer Thermal insulation for better temperature control & lower heat load on Air conditioning units.
  • Accessories

    • Aluminium Turbo Ventilators: Offered on roof for continuous circulation of air by using natural velocity of air. They work on non-conventional energy sources, hence no electricity is required. Maintains inside air temperature & ensures continuous supply of clean air through the production area.
    • Sky Light: They are provided to minimize use of conventional light using electrical power for lighting requirements. They are available in various sizes made of Polycarbonate material.
    • Insulation: Thermal & Acoustic insulation can be provided in roofing & cladding as per customer’s specific requirements.
    • Partition: can be provided in various options to separate the work sections on shop floor.
    • Rolling Shutters: Motorized or Manual shutters can be provided as per requirements. Sectional Doors can be provided wherever necessary.