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Rotary Vacuum Dryer (RVD) or Vanuleuth Dryer

is used for drying powdered materials which are heat sensitive & drying can be achieved in smaller time cycles by maintaining vacuum.

Rotary Vacuum Dryer is a horizontal jacketed or Limpeted vessel with a central agitator having specially designed blades. The blades of this Rotary Vacuum Dryer are designed to sweep the entire internal surface and move the material such that all the particles come in contact with the heated surface.

Heating or Cooling is offered by providing Jacket or Limpet coil on the entire area of Shell & Ends.
Working Volume 0.5 m3 to 5.0 m3
Power 10 to 75 Hp
Heating/Cooling Area Upto 30.0 m2
Sealing Mechanical Seal/ Packing
Material of Construction
of contact parts
SS Gr. 304, 316

Tray Dryer

cabinet will have 24/ 48/ 196 nos. of trays made from SS sheet material mounted on movable trolly. The cabinet & doors are internally lined by high polished SS sheets & are insulated by Rock wool mattress for efficient heating.

Heating is achieved by maintaining uniform hot Air flow throughout the cabinet of the Tray Dryer by providing 2 or more Blower Fans with SS blades & shaft. Fin type Steam or Thermic fluid Radiators of varying heat transfer area provided inside the cabinet at appropriate locations for optimum & uniform heating throughout the cabinet.

Control Panel & Instrumentation such as Temp. Indicator, Digital Temp. Indicator, Over current relay, Fuses, Door Open Switch is provided for efficient & Safe operation of the Dryer.

Special Features :

  • Automatic/ Manual control for Air Inlet Flow control
  • Heat Recovery System for utilizing heat of outgoing hot air for Pre-Heating air entering cabinet.

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